Commonwealth of Virginia

Certificates of Inspection

  • Air Tank Inspection Certificate
  • Boiler Inspection Certificate

Commonwealth of Virginia

Department of Environmental Quality Permits

  • Air Emissions Letter of Authorization Registration No.61325
  • Re Issuance of VPDES Permit No. VA005482


  • Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90)
  • Federal Oil Pollution Act of 1990
  • EPA/USCG Complex Site-Specific Facility
  • Spill Response Plan SECTION 1, PAGE 22,24, 25

City of Norfolk Permit

  • City of Norfolk HazMat Permit

Containment Boom

Norfolk Oil maintains 650 foot of containment boom on Pier N. Annual practice drills, as well as unannounced mock drills to assure that all personnel are trained and prepared to respond quickly to any emergency.


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