Facility & Transport System Services

Flexitank Containers

Flexitanks are soft, lightweight, polyethylene bladders with a volume of 14KL (3,699 gal) to 24KL (6,349 gal), for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous liquid cargoes, within a standard 20-foot ISO dry-box container.

Flexitanks are generally used once and discarded or recycled, making flexitanks a cost-effective transportation solution for including certain chemicals, latex, wines, food oils and juices.

Drumming: General Information

Norfolk Oil offers a drumming service to its customers and can accommodate direct transfers between vessels and railcars and or trucks. The terminal is also equipped with a truck scale for accurate scale weights.

Located within Lambert’s Point Docks, a general cargo terminal owned and operated by The Norfolk Southern Railroad, Norfolk Oil Transit utilizes Pier N which is 1,100 feet long.

Drumming Facility & Pier Pipelines

Norfolk Oil has a computerized scale for accurate weighing of drums. We offer storage and palletizing upon request. Norfolk Oil can also load and unload Totes.

1 X 4” Stainless Steel Pipeline
1 X 6” Stainless Steel Pipeline
2 X 6” Mild Steel Insulated Pipelines
1 X 2.5” Steam Line
1 X 1.5” Air line

Rail Road Tank Cars

Rail service for the terminal is provided by Norfolk Southern RR; CSX Transportation and the Eastern Shore Railroad. Norfolk Oil is capable of storing jumbo tank cars.

Vessel Operations

Vessel History

The number of vessels calling Norfolk Oil in the past ten years averages 24 annually.

Pumping Rates

With an average pumping rate of 300 metric tons per hour, Norfolk Oil has consistently provided pumping rates that exceed most charter parties’ requirements. Being able to perform in a speedy manner enables our customers to negotiate vessel charters with confidence and assurances that our pumping rates will stand up to the most demanding schedules call for in the trade.

Draft Soundings

According to the most recent records available, the depth along side Pier N is adequate for vessels with LOAs up to 650′.

Pier N is just 25 miles from the sea and can accommodate vessels up to 650′ feet in length. We have a maximum draft alongside of 32 feet and no vertical clearance obstructions or bridges.

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