Facility Information

The terminal has 13 storage tanks ranging in size from 100,000 to 768,000 gallons. Total storage capacity is 3,205,000 gallons, or 76,309 barrels. The tanks include epoxy lined, fiberglass lined, insulated, steam coiled and mixing tanks.

Rail service for the terminal is provided by Norfolk Southern, CSX Transportation and the Eastern Shore Railroad. Norfolk Oil is capable of storing jumbo tank cars.

Located within Lambert’s Point Docks, a general cargo terminal owned and operated by The Norfolk Southern Rail Road, Norfolk Oil Transit utilizes Pier N which is 1,100 feet long.

• 1 X 4” Stainless Steel Pipeline
• 1 X 6” Stainless Steel Pipeline
• 2 X 6” Mild Steel Insulated Pipelines
• 1 X 2.5” Steam Line
• 1 X 1.5” Air line

Our Services

Flexitank Containers

Flexitanks are soft, lightweight, polyethylene bladders for the transportation of bulk non-hazardous liquid cargoes.

Drumming Facility & Pier Pipelines

We have a computerized scale for accurate drum weighing, and offer storage and palletizing upon request.

Railroad Tank Cars

Norfolk Oil is capable of storing jumbo tank cars and collaborates with various railroad service providers.

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